What to Expect

"Whether it is giving someone a boat or jet-ski tour they'll never forget, to making their boat rental experience fun and stress-free, to just helping someone for the simple reason that they need help and no one else will help them; that is the definition of Boats And Fun culture. It makes working here feel like it isn't work at all, and the people we have the pleasure of meeting and working with always leave with a memorable experience. " Santiago

Working Here

  • International coworkers and clients
    At Boats and Fun we serve a large of clients from all over the world that come to us for vacation fun. You get to work and expertise many different cultures
  • Boating
    Chances are that you will end up on a Boat, ether going to work every day, or doing an occasional delivery or even being the captain of a tour or water taxi.
  • Holidays, Weekends and Hours
    As for the nature of our business we serve people that are on vacations. We operate on all major holidays and weekends. Operation hours are between 9am and 6pm but during high season and holidays we do work extended hours some times finishing as late as midnight.
  • Work Day
    Depending of your position, you could be running a store, doing a jet ski tour, a water taxi, doing maintenance, checking inventory and hundreds of other things.
  • Everyone does everything
    Every member of the crew is expected to be able to run the registers, be able to answer the phones, wash and the boats, drive a boat, keep the stores clean and be able to teach boating classes as well as do anything necessary on a day to day activities of the stores.
  • We have FUN
    We believe that fun is very important in giving customers a great experience. So on all our tours and interactions with clients we try to have a bit of fun and that is true between us too! We are professionals but we also have fun!
  • Rewards
    At Boats and Fun we reward everyone for going above and beyond what they are expected, and we give out bonuses or other rewards based on personal performance and company performance.


Our Crew

  • Captain Mike E.

    "Boats and Fun offers more than just fun on the water, they offer quality and integrity.  We want to be sure that the customers have stress free fun times on the water."

  • Santiago

    "When you set foot in the store, you become a part of our team, of the Boats And Fun family. Our customers are our friends, and making them happy is what we do. "

  • Patricia

    "All of us share the culture of working hard to achieve the best customer satisfaction level possible and the best results for the company. Our culture is a very simple. It is the feeling that we are in the "SAME BOAT", and, only working as a team, we can achieve our goals"

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