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Private Ash Scattering at Sea

Embark on a beautiful boat trip to honor your beloved by setting their ashes adrift in the boundless embrace of the ocean. Choose the profound experience of an ocean ash scattering ceremony – a uniquely personal and passionately crafted alternative to conventional funerals. This approach invites you to celebrate the extraordinary life of your cherished one in a way that is both special and filled with adventure,  for those with a passion for the ocean, nature, or the thrill of exploration.

Memorial Services

Maximum 6 per boat across 3 Boats

Maximum 18 passengers at once

Departing from

Pine Island   -   North Captiva   -   Custom

Private Ash Scattering at Sea

Our ocean ash scattering services draw inspiration from the concept of allowing your loved one to traverse the globe via the ocean's currents. Rather than being interred, their ashes will be liberally released, granting them the perpetual freedom to explore the world. Guided by the Gulf Stream, their journey will unfold across distant shores, granting them the opportunity to encounter the splendor of the ocean and the uncharted territories that lie beyond. Connect with your cherished memories as you stand by the ocean anywhere in the world, providing a meaningful space to visit and reminisce with your loved one. Let the waves be a conduit to the shared experiences and profound moments you once enjoyed together.

Pricing Starts at $395
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