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Join The Team

Interested in a new job?

Boats and Fun is always looking for the next dolphin and manatee lover! If you are looking to join our team take a look through and see if our company is right for you!

Our Team

​The Boats and Fun Team crew member is:

  • Educated - High School student or higher,  Has proper manners, is respectful and looks professional. 

  • Has a Positive Attitude- Maintains a positive attitude, even during tough situations, and has no anger problems.

  • Friendly- Fast empathy with others, amiable

  • Open minded - Maintains a discrimination free working environment and is open to diverse opinions and changes.  We do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, sexual preferences, disability, religion etc. 

  • A Good Listener - Listens well and pays attention.

  • Open to Learn - Always is open to learn new things.

  • Flexible - Adapts his/her job to the needs of the company or colleagues.

  • Professional Attitude - Complies with his/her job in an efficient way, takes ownership of this job, is resourceful, does not give up when faced with a challenge and looks for sources in a timely way. is computer savvy

  • Responsible - Takes ownership of his/her job, Is Reachable when is needed by phone is on time in appointments.

  • Has High Ethics standards & Team Player, - Trustworthy and support colleges when needed​


  • Classic that is clean, natural, polished and professional, and avoids "cutting edge" trends or extreme styles.

  • Crew members also play an important role as representatives of the Boats and Fun brand. Regardless of the position you hold with us, you must take pride in your appearance, you become a role model for those around you, and you convey the attitude of excellence.

  • As with all of your duties and responsibilities as a crew member, you are expected to demonstrate professionalism and good judgment at all times related to your appearance.

The Boats and Fun Look

Our Team Is

  • Wages - Hourly and Salary opportunities

  • Health Insurance - Heath and Dental insurance

  • 401k- Retirement Program with matching contributions

  • Flexible Schedule - Great for students and retirees.

  • Paid Vacation - and PTO

  • Bonus- Bonus opportunities, multiple times a year for almost all positions. Based on company and personal performance during specific periods of time and outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Substantial Discounts - On all the products and services we offer. Including all merchandise, rentals and charters.

  • Training Opportunities - Sponsorship for training opportunies.

Benefits at Boats and Fun

What to expect working here

  • International coworkers and clients - At Boats and Fun we serve clients from all over the world that come to us for vacation. You get to work and expertise many different cultures

  • Boating - Chances are that you will end up on a boat before your first day. Ether going to work every day, or doing an occasional delivery or even becoming a the captain of a tour or water taxi.

  • Holidays, Weekends and Hours- As for the nature of our business we serve families that are on vacations. We operate on all major holidays and weekends. Operation hours are between 9am and 6pm but during high season and holidays we do work extended hours sometimes finishing as late as midnight.

  • Work Day - Depending the position, you could be running a store, running a tour, a water taxi, doing maintenance, working at a warehouse or even interacting with clients from from.

  • Everyone does everything - Every member of the crew is expected to be able to run the registers, be able to answer the phones, wash and the boats, drive a boat, keep the stores clean as well as do anything necessary of the day to day activities the stores.

  • We have FUN - We believe that fun is very important in giving customers a great experience. So on all our tours and interactions with clients we try to have a bit of fun and that is true between us too! We are professionals but we also have fun!

  • Rewards - At Boats and Fun we reward everyone for going above and beyond what they are expected, and we give out bonuses or other rewards based on personal performance and company performance.


"I see the culture of Boats and Fun, as a culture of family, we don’t see customers as customers we see them as friends and family and we treat them that way, also we don’t see our selves as employees, supervisors or bosses we are all friends and family as well. Even outside of work we are still friends, we hang out with our coworkers and even our customers." - Matias

"As a member of the Boats and Fun team, I would like to say how proud I am to be on board. This is a very professional and family oriented business that constantly strives to improve." - Capt Mike.

  • Getting to Work - Our Home office is on North Captiva Island. North Captiva is an island only accessible by boat. To get there we have a 25 minute boat ride. If you are applying for a position on North Captiva your commute to work will involve this boat ride.

"When you set foot in the store, you become a part of our team, of the Boats And Fun family. Our customers are our friends, and making them happy is what we do." - Santiago

"Boats and Fun offers more than just fun on the water, they offer quality and integrity. We want to be sure that the customers have stress free fun times on the water." - Capt Mike

What to expect
Getting to Work

Employment Opportunities

  • We are always looking - Even if you don't see the perfect position open, email us a copy of your resume and we will get back to you!

  • Seasonal - During the Holiday season, spring break and summer we have multiple opportunities that could be perfect for students on our different locations. You can apply for seasonal positions year around email us today!


Contractor Opportunities

  • Contractors - Boats and Fun uses vendors and contractors for many many things from providing us with high quality products to sell in our stores to top notch fishing and diving charter boats.

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