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Drive Like A Pro

Feel Confident that you and your family will have a fun and safe time on the water!

From docking to Navigation and everything in between. We have taught over 9000 lesson right here in Southwest Florida.

Learn from our Professional Captains 

One of our USCG licensed Captains will give you a personalized lesson just for you or your group. We go over everything from driving and docking your boat to rules of the water, navigation, safety equipment, using GPS, VHF radio and even some of the best places go!

Begin On-Water Training

After some ground training we can begin on-water training, we will be sure you are not only comfortable docking, maneuvering your boat but you also look like a pro in front of your family and friends.  

Buying a Boat

Owning a boat doesn't have to be intimidating—it should be fun, exciting and rewarding. Your own boat means you have your own personal anytime-ticket for a vacation on-demand

We can teach you everything you need to know before you go shopping!


You learned the "rules of the road" before you sat behind the wheel of a car, and you should do the same before taking the helm. Just like studying to get your driver’s license, it is very important to have the boating information and certifications you need to be a safe boater before you hit the water.

Some of the safety topics we can cover are: Weather, Navigation, Life Jackets, using your VHF radio, GPS, advance avionics like radar and 3D sonars. Safety equipment and much more.

Maintenance Basics

Get to know all the basic systems in your boat from bilge pumps, electronics to how the engine systems work and how to keep it all in great shape. Other topics include maintaining the hull, the canopies and  


All Private lessons start at $295.00 for the first two hours and each additional hour is $100.00

All classes are private and fully customizable to you level of experience and what you want to learn.  Here are some basic examples.

First Boating Class - Basics and Docking Skills - 2hrs minimum, 1hrs ground school and 1hr docking and maneuvering.


Learn to Docking/Driving Lessons

VHF Radio Communications

Electronics - GPS, Radar, Sonar, Marine Networks

Twin Engine Driving and Docking

Half Day Lessons (4hrs) - $450.00

Full Day Lessons (8hrs) - $850.00

Prices are on your own boat, but if you don't have one don't worry we have a fleet of them!

Call to Book
1(800) 991 3259

Captain's Safety Bags (Spot Light, VHF, First AID kit, basic tools, and more) ASK for Price

Boating Class Book - ASK for Price

Garmin GPS with Custom Pre-Programmed Routes for you. - ASK for Price

Garmin GPS Installation - ASK for Price

Hand Held VHF Radio - ASK for Price

Mounted VHF Radio - ASK for Price

Installation of VHF with GPS Connection - ASK for Price

Online Course Video

Discount on Future boat rental 10%

Private Lessons

Boat Detailing

Lessons on our Boats

If you don't have a boat yet, you can learn on one of ours.

Single Engine 20ft - 22ft Boat - GPS - 115-200 HP $35/HR

Single Engine 24ft Boat - GPS - 225HP $40/HR

Twin Engine Boat - GPS - Twin 115HP$45/HR


Your Boat

If you already own a boat, we can do the lesson right on your boat. We can also teach you everything you need to know about it and how to keep it in great shape

For classes on your own boat Boat, it must have insurance and must be approved before scheduling)

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